I like books. It tells me things of ancient peoples and what they used to do; of giants in some far-off land and things I hardly understand, both make-believe and true. It’s fun to see how interesting they can be – As people are.So, when most of us are at home during this pandemic, Why not make some books your friend. 

I feel One Hundred Years of Solitude would be a great book to accompany you. Bill Clinton‘s favourite book and he listed this book as one of his top choices in “Today” show on NBC. 

It is a landmark 1967 novel by Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez and it is the story of seven generations of the Buendía Family in the town of Macondo. It contains several ideas concerning time. Although the story can be read as a linear progression of events, both when considering individual lives and Macondo’s history, García Márquez allows room for several other interpretations of time:

Paulo Coelho also recommended this book and said, “Reflects the richness of the Latin soul (and body).”

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