Ever looked up at the stars and wondered how it all works?

Einstein: His Life and Universe

If you want to get a better understanding of how the universe works you could do worse than Einstein: His Life and Universe, one of  the books on Mark Zuckerberg‘s reading list.

Einstein: His Life and Universe is a non-fiction book authored by American historian and journalist Walter Isaacson. The biographical analysis of Albert Einstein’s life. In broad terms, the book portrays Einstein as an insolent figure who possessed a strong sense of creativity and independence that, had the physicist succeeded in achieving academic employment as a young man, could’ve gotten quashed due to the atmosphere of the times.

Ray Dalio also added this book to his reading list.

Ian McEwan says about the book in an interview, “It had a direct influence on Solar, yes, but this is a biography that happens to be a treatise on creativity. I was about to say scientific creativity, but I think I mean creativity itself. It shows us the creative exuberance of a man with an extraordinary visual imagination, able to recast certain problems in surprising ways. “

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