Why Reading is Important

Reading is Important

What is Reading?

Reading is the process to identify the written characters of text. It is the medium to understand the information written in print. When we read, we use our eyes to receive written symbols (letters, punctuation marks and spaces) and we use our brain to convert them into words, sentences and paragraphs that communicate something to us.

Reading is an essential life skill
Reading teaches us new words and perspectives. It helps strengthen language and sharpens sentence structure. It gives you a better command over the language.

Here we are listing the 5 most important benefits of reading:

1) Improves the functioning of the brain

To stay fit we all do exercises like yoga, running, etc. Exercise keeps us healthy by making our muscles more strong. Unlike exercise for muscles, reading is a workout for our brains. It requires more neurobiological attention to decode the printed text and reach a meaningful comprehension of it. While trying to interpret the written words the brain is stimulated to focus, concentrate, and be intelligent. We push our minds to construct and imagine a meaningful narrative of the published text. This gives us more time to think and look into the insights of a concept than any other medium of learning. Researches have shown that reading helps in brain development and makes us smart. Hence, one should keep reading books to give their brains a proper workout. It also reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s and Dementia by engaging the brain and preventing it to lose its power.

2) Increases Vocabulary

We are exposed to new words via textbooks, storybooks, activity books we read. The words we learn while reading help us to express our views and thoughts more clearly and effectively. The enhanced vocabulary list not only enables us to put our thoughts in speech but also in written form. We can write amazing articles and stories.

3) Reduce Stress

Books help us to escape the stress and anxiety of daily life by immersing us in another world or engaging us in a subject that interests us. And, since there is a book on almost every subject imaginable, everyone will find the ideal book to keep them focused and at ease.

4) Books Motivate Us

Books have the ability to inspire and motivate us by telling us stories of people who have faced challenges to achieve success.

5) Strengthens Writing Skills

Reading different genre books not only enhances our vocabulary. It also improves our writing skills. Every author has a different writing style. When we read more books, we are introduced to new words. And how and what words are used in different situations, and scenarios. Analyzing the vocabulary used we can pick up certain words and use them in our own writing.