Best Books by Dave Ramsey

Mastering Your Money: Best Books by Dave Ramsey!


Dave Ramsey is a well-known financial expert, radio show host, and author, renowned for his practical and straightforward approach to personal finance. Through his books, he has empowered countless individuals and families to take control of their money, get out of debt, and build wealth. In this blog, we will explore some of the best books by Dave Ramsey that offer invaluable lessons for achieving financial success.

1. “The Total Money Makeover” (2003):

Perhaps Dave Ramsey’s most famous book, “The Total Money Makeover” lays out a step-by-step plan for transforming your financial life. Ramsey introduces his “Baby Steps” program, which guides readers through actions like creating an emergency fund, paying off debt, and investing for the future. This book has inspired countless people to get on the path to financial freedom.

2. “Financial Peace Revisited” (2002):

In this revised edition of his earlier book “Financial Peace,” Ramsey delves into the principles of financial peace and how to attain it. He emphasizes the importance of budgeting, living on less than you make, and eliminating debt. The book provides practical advice on achieving financial stability and living a debt-free life.

3. “Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money” (2011):

This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of personal finance topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and retirement planning. Ramsey’s no-nonsense advice is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, making it accessible to readers of all financial backgrounds.

4. “The Total Money Makeover Workbook” (2003):

As a companion to “The Total Money Makeover,” this workbook provides exercises, forms, and tools to help readers implement Ramsey’s financial principles. It’s a practical resource for those who want to put his advice into action.

5. “Smart Money Smart Kids” (2014, co-authored with Rachel Cruze):

In collaboration with his daughter, Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey offers guidance on teaching kids about money. The book explores strategies for raising financially responsible children, imparting lessons on saving, giving, and spending wisely.

6. “EntreLeadership” (2011):

While not strictly a personal finance book, “EntreLeadership” is a valuable resource for anyone looking to build wealth through entrepreneurship and leadership. Ramsey shares insights on effective leadership, business management, and the principles that have contributed to his own success.


Dave Ramsey’s books have had a profound impact on the way people think about and manage their finances. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach, coupled with practical advice and actionable steps, has helped individuals and families across the world achieve financial peace and security. Whether you’re drowning in debt, looking to build wealth, or simply want to manage your money more effectively, Dave Ramsey’s books offer a roadmap to financial success and a brighter financial future.