Celebrate and Read!

Celebrate and Read: How to Stick to Your Reading Habit During Festivals


Festivals are a time of celebration, togetherness, and merriment. However, for avid readers, they can also pose a challenge to maintaining their reading habit. With the right strategies, you can enjoy the festivities and still indulge in your love for books. In this blog, we’ll explore ways to stick to your reading habit while celebrating during festivals.

1. **Set Realistic Goals:**

During festivals, it’s essential to set achievable reading goals. You might not have the same amount of time for reading as you do during quieter periods, so adjust your expectations accordingly. A few pages a day can be a realistic goal.

2. **Morning or Night Reading:**

Find a quiet time for reading, either early in the morning or late at night when the festivities have settled down. This can be a peaceful way to start or end your day with a good book.

3. **Audiobooks for the Win:**

Audiobooks are a reader’s best friend during festivals. You can listen to your favorite books while preparing festive meals, decorating, or commuting to and from gatherings.

4. **Create a Festive Reading Nook:**

Designate a cozy reading nook in your festive decorations. This will entice you to spend some time there with a book. A comfortable chair, some cushions, and soft lighting can transform any corner into a reading haven.

5. **Set a Reading Alarm:**

Set a reminder on your phone to prompt your reading sessions. A gentle nudge can help you remember to take a break from the festivities and enjoy some reading time.

6. **Read Festive Stories:**

Embrace the festive spirit by reading books related to the holiday or festival you’re celebrating. It’s a great way to get into the mood and enjoy your reading simultaneously.

7. **Plan Reading Breaks:**

Schedule short reading breaks throughout the day. In between cooking, visiting, and socializing, you can take a few minutes to read a page or two. These mini reading sessions can add up.

8. **Engage in Reading Challenges:**

Challenge yourself to read a certain number of books or pages during the festival period. Sharing your goals with friends or participating in reading challenges can be motivating.

9. **Prioritize Your Reading List:**

Choose books that you’re truly excited to read during the festivals. Having an enticing reading list can make it easier to pick up a book when you have a moment.

10. **Be Flexible and Forgiving:**

Festivals are a time for enjoyment, and it’s okay if you miss a day of reading. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your reading habit will still be there when the festivities wind down.


Festivals are a time to savor joy, connection, and celebration. By implementing some of these strategies, you can seamlessly blend your love for reading with the festive spirit. Whether it’s finding pockets of time for reading, immersing yourself in audiobooks, or setting a festive reading nook, there are ways to stick to your reading habit while enjoying the festivities. Remember, the goal is to enjoy both the celebrations and your cherished books.