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André Picard is a Canadian journalist and author specializing in health care issues. He works as a reporter and a columnist for the national newspaper The Globe and Mail. As of 2020, he runs the news organization’s office in Montreal.


Another timely book: The Right To Die; trailblazers from from Sue Rodriguez to Kay Carter, by @GaryBauslaugh #PAD
I think I tweet more about @TanyaTalaga than any other person. Her fabulous book #SevenFallenFeathers, the RBC Taylor Prize, the Atkinson Fellowship, the Massey Lecture, etc. She's killing it in 2018. Couldn't happen to a nicer, more talented person. #Indigenous #journalism
#HepatitisC has a fascinating history, shaped by discoveries in virology and mass tragedies like the #TaintedBlood scandal, which medical historian extraordinaire Dr. Jacalyn Duffin recounts in her book "Lovers and Livers." #HCV #NobelPrize
How do you talk about wanting to die? @amp6's book 'Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me' is a raw, frank, dark-humoured must-read, by @picardonhealth (2019) via @GlobeDebate @PenguinRandomCA #mentalhealth #suicide #BellLetsTalk