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Ben Michael Goldacre MBE is a British physician, academic and science writer. As of March 2015, he is a senior clinical research fellow at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, part of the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.


@Bookmarks_books @OwenJones84 ...NEXT.. John Berger's "Ways Of Seeing" is a life changer, a brain changer. And the book was vastly better than the TV series, because you could take your time. Similarly, an anthology of his shorter pieces, to dip in and out of, is a joy. NEXT...
Oh wow Twitter say this huge hack was done through a coordinated social engineering attack. Hugely recommend Kevin Mitnick's book on this: The Art of Deception. Also a great example of (openly disclosed) ghost writing making a technical topic very readable.
I return to this book "Seeing Like A State" so often. It's about the barriers you hit when you try to fit a complex messy world into neat categorical boxes for data analysis, and the dizzying political history of that project. Highly, hugely recommended for all data nerds.
Yup. I loved Security Engineering by @rossjanderson, the first third could be a pop science classic, but the whole book weighs about fifteen kilos. (I strongly disagree with him on re-use of medical data btw, is a matter of proportionality).
If you're feeling overwhelmed by the rise of fascism and idiocy I found this really helpful And importantly also: short. About to try Snyder's new long book, if anyone's read it?
@drmc08 @RufusHound dunno, recently enjoyed the maajid nawaz vs sam harris book, and keith johnson on religion and magic.
Best book this year. A magnificent explainer in the tradition of the best pop science. Short, clear, explains the technical reality of how the world of trade etc actually works, and how Brexit fantasists have misrepresented / misunderstood it. Awesome.