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Bridget Phetasy is a Spectator columnist and contributing editor. She is also the host of the Weekly Dumpster Fire on YouTube and the Walk-Ins Welcome podcast. Follow her on Twitter, Rumble and YouTube, or join her community at Culture.


Hey @rustyrockets I love your interpretation of the 12-steps & I’ve been referring this book to everyone who wants to quit something but doesn’t know where or how to begin. You make it very digestible. Thank you.
@RealAlisonPoole This is brilliant and it's exactly the thesis of the 2006 book, 'Mediated' which is my bible for this postmodern shitshow.
And I recommend buying @AbigailShrier's book (before it's banned). Not only is she a fantastic writer but what she's talking about and what the people she interviewed are saying is the equivalent of blasphemy today.
If you're looking for some light beach reading, you can get @benshapiro's latest book "How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps" here:
Reading @DouglasESchoen's book was like looking up from Twitter and getting hit by a bus. We're worried about the outrage du jour and meanwhile our division weakens us as individuals & a nation. A terrifying slap in the face that I needed.
@SkyinMA @ava @netflix I read that book on a bus going across southern India. It’s one of the best novels ever. I didn’t know Ava adapted it but I’m excited.