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Andrew W. Houston is an American Internet entrepreneur, and the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, an online backup and storage service. According to Forbes, his net worth is about $2.2 billion. Houston held 24.4 percent voting power in Dropbox before filing for IPO in February 2018.


It’s nonfiction, but it spelled out something that I just didn’t know you could kind of break down in a logical way. And, suddenly, I had this understanding about the world that I didn’t have before.
About principled negotiation, and I still think about and apply a lot of those concepts today.
[About] how do you get attention and users for your product if you have no money? The tactic of putting a video on Hacker News or creating a viral video, that was a seed that was planted by reading [this book].
Sketched really concise and good thoughts for [how to approach life].
I think one of the most valuable concepts from [this book] is measuring your time.
One of the great things that [the author] wrote in [this book] is the hardest part of being a CEO is managing your psychology.
About how businesses get disrupted, and a lot of those themes are why startups can succeed and thrive even when there are big competitors who you would think would just wipe ’em out.
It’s [about] how do technology products make their way from early adopters to the mainstream.