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Kishore Biyani

Kishore Biyani is an Indian businessman who is the Founder & CEO of Future Group, one of India’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailers. He is also the founder of retail businesses such as Pantaloon Retail and Big Bazaar. According to Forbes magazine, he had a net worth of US$1.78 billion in 2019.


Immensely helpful and influential during my early years, it explained some of the basic mindsets required to succeed in any profession.
Captures some interesting perspectives and insights on the way the world and the business organisations are changing and challenging the status quo.
[The author] has weaved his magic in reinventing Microsoft and refusing to let it turn into a legacy organisation. In [this book] he shares fascinating insights and examples of how he did it.
Filled with lessons on retailing and entrepreneurship that are just as relevant today as they were around three decades ago.
Fascinating because of its multi-disciplinary approach towards understanding human society, our behaviour and our future.