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Maura Quint

Maura Quint is a writer whose work has appeared in publications including the New Yorker, The Onion, and Paste.


I read Minor Feelings in a fugue of enveloping recognition and distancing flinch. The question of lovability, and desirability, is freighted for Asian men and Asian women in very different ways - and Minor Feelings serves as a case study in how a feminist point of view can both deepen an inquiry and widen its resonances to something like universality.
This unconventional spiritual adventure offers timeless lessons for readers from all walks of life.
absolutely the best thing I did this weekend was read @saraschaefer1's warm, funny, fantastic memoir. Everything is terrible, and this book is such a wonderful escape, sooo recommend it.
It was interesting to see a unique view into Steve Jobs’s life from the vantage point of his first daughter.