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Mikhail Dubov

Mikhail Dubov is the CEO and co-founder of Chattermill, an AI tool for businesses that collects and analysis customer feedback, helping companies make better decisions. Chattermill uses artificial neural networks that learn from your data and help you make more customer-centric decisions. We first learned about it from a Sifted article about Europe`s top tech entrepreneurs. Mikhail has a background in economics and tech. He took his BA in Economics from University of Cambridge, and has a Master`s in Management and Regulation of Risk from London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to founding Chattermill in 2015, he worked as a banker, data analyst, consultant, developer and software engineer. From our interview you`ll find out what books helped him fall in love with economics and learn to see the world in a different way, those that affected how he runs his company, and stories that put his experience in context. Mikhail also talks about the common myths related to AI. Enjoy!