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Richard Thomas Osman is an English comedian, producer, television presenter, writer, and the creator and co-presenter of the BBC One television quiz show Pointless.


@jennycolgan @TheTessMorris My favourite book of last year, absolutely loved it.
The new Alan Partridge book 'Nomad' is so sensationally funny. What brilliant writing, just endlessly laughing out loud at the audiobook.
3 BOOKS EVERYONE WILL LOVE Golden Hill - Francis Spufford Life After Life - Kate Atkinson Towards The End Of The Morning - Michael Frayn.
This is a wonderful book from @Philippa_Perry, so wise and full of humanity. Communication, love, well-being. Unfortunately it is too late for my kids, as I appear to have already made every possible mistake.
Just finished this wonderful @HarlanCoben book. Yet another winner.
Just finished this wonderful book by the brilliant @sharilapena. So full of twists, yet so utterly believable. Loved it!
You’ by Caroline Kepnes is an extraordinary book. So brutal, yet so funny, so cool, yet so terrifying. I can see now why there is praise on the back from Stephen King AND Lena Dunham. Amazing writing.
@iainkevanmorris My favourite book of the year. I’m guessing you’ve read his others?
Great to see Andy Lee in Tyson’s corner. If you haven’t read it, his book ‘Fighter’ about his boxing career is absolutely terrific.
Just finished the new @AnthonyHorowitz book 'Moonflower Murders'. Absolutlely loved it. So, clever, just masterful stuff.
I think my favourite book of the last 5 years was 'Golden Hill' by Francis Spufford. His second novel 'Light Perpetual' is out on Thursday and looks amazing too. Can't wait!
Couldn't agree more, this book is AMAZING! It will be a modern classic. #BarbaraThrowsAWobbler