Fenty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo! Mimosa Sunrise And Sangria Sunset

Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo in the captivating shades of Mimosa Sunrise and Sangria Sunset is a dynamic pairing designed to elevate your makeup routine. Created by Rihanna’s renowned beauty brand, this highlighter duo features two vibrant and complementary shades. Mimosa Sunrise delivers a warm, golden hue reminiscent of a sun-kissed morning, while Sangria Sunset provides a rich, sultry tone reminiscent of a picturesque evening sky. The Foil Freestyle formula is known for its intense pigmentation, allowing you to achieve a bold and striking highlight. The duo design enables versatile application – use each shade individually or layer them for a multidimensional, customized glow. Fenty Beauty continues to set the standard for inclusive and innovative beauty products, and the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo is no exception, providing a radiant and long-lasting finish for a variety of looks.

Type: Health and Beauty

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