Fleishman Is in Trouble

By Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Recently separated Toby Fleishman is suddenly, somehow–and at age forty-one, short as ever–surrounded by women who want him: women who are self-actualized, women who are smart and interesting, women who don’t mind his height, women who are eager to take him for a test drive with just the swipe of an app. Toby doesn’t mind being used in this way; …

Published date: June 18, 2019
Type: Books
Genre: Fiction

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Wow. Just wow. One of the best books about marriage—and middle age—I’ve ever read, and the last 10pp in particular are simultaneously eviscerating and soaringly cathartic. (Dammit, @taffyakner, I stayed up until 1am finishing this, and if I fall off my bike today I blame you!)