Jammu and Kashmir Dilemma of Accession

By Radha Rajan

Jammu and Kashmir: Dilemma of Accession authored by Radha Rajan analyses Prime Minister Pandit Ramchandra Kak’s first-hand narrative of the tragic events which shook Riyasat e Jammu wa Kashmir wa Ladakh wa Tibet ha or the Kingdom of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh and the Tibets in the critical years of 1946-47 when Pandit Ramchandra Kak was Prime Minister …

Published date: January 1, 2017
Type: Books
Genre: Nonfiction

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An important book for those who wish to understand "The Kashmir Problem" based on Pandit Ramchandra Kak's first hand account of the mess around accession. Kal was the PM of J&K during period leading up to accession.