Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Black, Body Only)

The Leica M9 is an iconic 18MP digital rangefinder camera, available in a sleek black color and sold as a body-only configuration, meaning it doesn’t come with a lens. Launched by Leica, a renowned name in the world of photography, the M9 blends modern digital technology with the classic rangefinder design. With its 18-megapixel full-frame sensor, the camera delivers exceptional image quality and the ability to capture intricate details. The absence of a built-in viewfinder and autofocus encourages a more manual and immersive photographic experience, appealing to enthusiasts and professionals alike. Known for its craftsmanship and precision, the Leica M9 is a camera that pays homage to traditional photography while incorporating the advantages of digital imaging technology.

Type: Gadget

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