Mental Fitness

By Michiko J. Rolek

Aerobics, jogging, cycling, skating – Britain it would seem is obsessed with physical exercise and keeping in shape. Yet how much time and energy do we devote to the fitness of our mind or the nourishement of our souls? This is a practical handbook for integrating mind, body and soul. Simple instructions in breathing, posture, concentration and relaxation aim to give you the basic skills you need to achieve new levels of clarity, serenity and effectiveness in your daily life and in your relationships with others. Most of the exercises can be done at any time, anywhere; fine-tuning your mind and body for greater energy and awareness.

Published date: October 1, 1996
Type: Books
Genre: Nonfiction, Psychology

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This workbook may not solve the Burning Issues of Your Life, but you sure as hell can save yourself a lot of trouble by looking into it…She has made some important matters wonderfully clear, and every page is informed by a sweet concern for the well-being of her reader.