The Dropout

“””The Dropout”” is a true crime podcast that delves into the story of Elizabeth Holmes and the rise and fall of her biotech company, Theranos. Hosted by ABC News’ chief business, technology, and economics correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis, the podcast explores the captivating and scandalous events surrounding Theranos and its founder.

Elizabeth Holmes claimed that Theranos had developed a revolutionary blood-testing technology, but investigations later revealed significant problems and inaccuracies in the company’s claims. “”The Dropout”” investigates the deceptive practices employed by Holmes and Theranos, the impact on investors and patients, and the legal repercussions that followed.

The podcast includes interviews with former employees, industry experts, and individuals connected to the case, providing a comprehensive and detailed narrative of one of the most notorious corporate frauds in recent history.

Type: Podcast
Genre: Tv and Film

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